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What are the links that determine the quality of epoxy floor? To illustrate the determinants of the quality of epoxy floors, the criteria of the floors, i.e. their applicability, durability and economy, should be analyzed. Applicability is mainly related to the design process. The different requirements of different building floors determine the different functional requirements of the floor. The construction unit must first clarify its own use environment and requirements, and then design the floor. Floor design includes product selecion, product mix and model selection, in which product mix has a great impact on the economy of floor system. 在很多時候,建筑設計師將地坪的材料和規格做了選擇,但其實他很有必要與地坪供應商進行商討。因為地坪材料及其施工畢竟很專業,建筑設計師可能有些因素會考慮不到。有些地坪對施工條件有要求,有必要加以說明。

In many cases, the architect chooses the materials and specifications of the floor, but it is necessary for him to discuss with the floor supplier. Because floor materials and their construction are very professional, and some of the architectural designers may not consider them. Some floors have requirements for construction conditions, and it is necessary to explain them.


Durability involves the reliability of materials and the reliability of construction. As far as materials are concerned, material quality is a general property of similar materials. However, due to the limitation of raw material source, production process and production management level, similar materials may not have the same quality. In the case of simple cement raw materials, the cement used by a small manufacturer may be purchased from a cement dealer because it does not have enough to be purchased directly from a cement plant. Distributors can not commit themselves to the validity period of cement, even if the promise is unfounded. Large manufacturers buy fresh cement directly from the cement plant because it is large enough to buy a batch. Even if a small manufacturer purchases cement from a large plant, its production turnover is slow, and new cement may become "old cement" in stock.


The surface of the whole ground (floor) is semi-finished products, which need to be processed and formed in the project site. Construction has a great impact on the quality. only the correct construction method can endow the ground with proper quality, of which the level of personnel, construction tools, site management level is very important.


Personnel must be familiar with the attributes of the material and the conditions under which it is used so that the material can be used correctly, including when the material performance fluctuates or the site conditions change. The material construction integration enterprise has obvious advantages, so it can also be responsible for the final product of the floor, to avoid the separation of the material and construction of the responsibility of peeling phenomenon. The experience of the construction personnel is very important, the site conditions are changeable, the construction personnel should be able to judge the situation of the site and foundation, and can make corresponding response. A mature master operator can accumulate basic experience above one hundred thousand square meters.


Construction tools should be comprehensive and appropriate, "if you want to do a good job, you must use the tools first." Floor construction requires some special tools, including on-site testing tools.


Management level and experience are very important for floor construction. Site managers should be able to grasp the status and problems of concrete foundation, make judgments on construction conditions and problems, such as the strength, humidity, smoothness of the foundation ground, and be able to make the correct response. Managers should also communicate and communicate correctly with the relevant units so that all parties can cooperate effectively, for example, the construction of wear-resistant floor must be coordinated with concrete pouring synchronization, if the wear-resistant construction is too late, the wear-resistant layer may peel off; improper concrete pouring sequence or improper method, will affect the follow-up connection. The quality of treatment may cause cracking on the floor.

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